Les Agulles de la montaña de Montserrat Les Agulles de la montaña de Montserrat

Step 26. Igualada-Montserrat


Classification of the route
Cultural route
Time of year
All year round
Means of transport
On foot, By bike
Distance (km)
Uphill (m)
Postes indicadores.
Districts on the route
Bruc, el, Castellolí, Igualada, Monistrol de Montserrat
Places on the route
Sant Pau de la Guàrdia, Castellolí, Igualada, Monistrol de Montserrat
Tourism Brand
Paisatges Barcelona
Places of interest
Igualada, Castellolí, Sant Pau de la Gupardia, ermita de Santa Cecília, monasterio de Montserrat.

We leave Igualada from the Church of Santa Maria and take the street Santa Maria del Roser from the Town Hall Square and the Church. We carry on along Soledad Street which will become first Avinguda de Caresmar and then, with a slight angle to the left, Avinguda de Montserrat. We cross the Igualada-Barcelona railroad tracks. Walking down Avinguda de Caresmar, we take the first road on the right. It will take us to a large roundabout which we cross to continue ahead. Leaving a large restaurant high on the right, we will take the national road N-II, which so well we know! It is Camino Real.

Before us, a two kilometre road through an industrial state. We cross two roundabouts and at the third we take the first on the left, so that we can follow the road from a little distance, without the distress of the road traffic. A signpost shows the way to Montserrat.

Heading on the paved road, we will walk under the A-2. Then we walk parallel to the A-2, which is on our right. We come to a bridge and cross over the A-2. At the other end of the bridge, we take the first paved road on our left. We come to a roundabout, cross it and continue on the paved road. Then we take a paved road on our right, so to avoid the A-2. We enter in Can Alzina. A signpost will help us.

Carrying on along the same road, parallel to the A-2, we move towards Castellolí. We arrive in the village and walking onwards on the same road we cross it. We leave the village and keep straight. After a left curve, we can see that the road comes to a bridge over the A-2. We don’t take it, but instead we take the path on our right that goes parallel to the A-2. In 750 meters we will find a way on our left that will lead us to the bridge over the A-2.

We cross the A-2 and we are on the road that will take us to Alto de Can Massana. The yellow arrow of the Road to Santiago and the signposts keep us company. We can ascend all the time on the road that will take us to Can Massana. For pedestrians, there are paths that reduce the ascent by cutting the curves. After the first and very sharp bend to the right, in 100m a path appears on our left that will take us away from the paved road and to the forest. A signpost will point us in the right direction and we keep ascending.

When we come again to the road, we will go to the next bend looking for an ascending path on the left. Now it is a wide way that will take us close to Montserrat Parc suburb. At 500m from the junction, we have to leave the way and enter a path heading to the first houses of the neighborhood.

We get to the paved road: Castellolí Street. At 100m, we turn left in the Avenida de la Verge de Montserrat. It will slowly turn right in a slight curve. We will continue on the same avenue that borders the suburb, going ahead and no taking any adjacent street. We come to the end of the suburb and to a crossroads: we take the way in front of us and get to Sant Pau de la Guàrdia.

We walk through the village and leave it walking along a lane that forks into two: we take the lane on the left and continue on the wide path. We leave the Sant Pau cemetery on our left and we keep heading upwards on this path that sometimes gets blurry. We are coming close to the road and Alto de Can Massana, which we finally can see it from our path, high over the road: we have climbed quite high!

We go down to the road and we follow to our left until the crossroads of Can Massana. We always follow the road to Montserrat (for pilgrims is not at all advisable to take the mountain trails).

Just a few kilometers before our goal, the hermitage of Santa Cecilia (XI century) encourages us in our way to the Monastery and the Virgin of Montserrat. Two kilometers later, a poster on our right indicates the way to the monastery through the “Camí dels Degotalls”. For pilgrimson footis highly recommend, to take up this way as it will ease their last effort.

We finally get to Montserrat urban complex. We ascend toward the square in front of the monastery: Pilgrims’ office is in the square on our left.


GPS coordinates X: -3.70034930149912, Y: 40.4166907261765