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Step 22. Lleida-Palau d'Anglesola


Classification of the route
Cultural route
Time of year
All year round
Means of transport
On foot, By bike
Distance (km)
Uphill (m)
Postes indicadores.
Districts on the route
Alcoletge, Bell-lloc d'Urgell, Lleida, Palau d'Anglesola, el, Sidamon
Places on the route
Alcoletge, Bell-lloc d'Urgell, Lleida, Palau d'Anglesola, el
Tourism Brand
Terres de Lleida
Places of interest
Lleida, Bell-lloc d'Urgell, El Palau d'Anglesola.

To leave town, we follow the River Segre. Walking along the river path with the Segre on our left, we pass under the railway bridge and after the Pardinyes bridge. After the bridge, stairs take us to street level. Orange arrows and a signal post tell us that we are on the right direction. We go on parallel the river Segre taking the old road to Granyena. Turn 90 degrees to the right and after crossing the channel, turn to the left. We approach the river gates that are to our left. Go straight about 500 m. We turn right and cross the railroad tracks. Once we arrive at the Avenue of Industria we take a left and after we turn right into Mies Enginyer Street. After 750 m and after crossing a road bridge, we find ourselves at the end of the industrial zone, once again surrounded by ploughed fields.

We are on the Alcoletge road. We keep on the road and we leave a stone and sand quarry on the left. We carry on walking on the road, without taking any diversion. There is a junction in our path: we turn to the left. We arrive at a bridge to cross A-2 highway. Once we have crossed the bridge, we turn right on a road, in right angle, just before some huge barns. The way takes us again to A-2 highway and to another bridge, but we do not go up, we carry on walking some metres to find the path that turns left. We take it and continue walking straight on.

There are some long barns on the right. Reaching an electricity post, our path leads us to another way, but we continue straight on. We cross a path. We carry on in order to find another asphalt road that we turn right. Our path continues on the left. We arrive at a junction: we take the right way.

We cross a road perpendicular to ours. Going straight ahead and ignoring adjacent roads, we reach a crossroads and continue towards Mollerusa. We arrive at a bridge over the A-2. We cross and leave the A-2 behind. Our path leads to another that we take to our right, and that leads us to Bell-lloc d’Urgell.

The road ends in the street called Vilanova de la Barca. 50 metres to our right there is the railway line. We go down this street, but to our left, in about 60 meters, we turn right into Sant Jordi street. We continue straight along this road, which leads us to the edge of the village and the road to El Palau d’Anglesola, after crossing the road LV-3311.

The asphalt road takes us to a bridge above the A-2. Do not cross it but we continue straight on the dirt road that runs parallel to the A-2, which stays on our left. One kilometer after we take another one that begins on our right hand and that goes to a houses and a farm. We move away from the A-2 to get back to it and cross the bridge.

After the bridge turn right and in a few meter take again a right turn to enter in another dirt road. At the fork once more to the right. Go on straight on this road that takes us close to a solar power plant. Always straight leaving the solar panels onto our left and at the next junction we take right. Within a few meters we turn left and we reach the Urgell water channel. We cross it and we keep walking straight. At the next junction we take a left and we are already reaching El Palau d'Anglesola. Keep always straight and we will reach a roundabout that we cross in a little angle on the left; we have already arrived at Palau d’Anglesola. We enter via San Roc Avenue, which becomes Font Street and leads directly to the main square.


GPS coordinates X: -3.70034930149912, Y: 40.4166907261765