Velòdrom d'Horta    (Foto-tècnia fotògrafs)Velòdrom d'Horta (Foto-tècnia fotògrafs)

Sports tourism destinations


Sports tourism destinations

Catalonia, which has an important sports tradition, is noted for its great organisational skills, allowing it to host more than 40 international championships each year. Important events in this regard include the 1992 Olympics, the 2003 World Swimming Championships, the 2004 World Rowing Championships, as well as the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Catalan Motorcycle Grand Prix that are held every year.

The main motivation behind people choosing this type of tourism is to go on a sports trip, either individually or in a sports team, or simply to enjoy one of these major sports events.

Sports Tourism Destinations (DTEs) are municipalities with a specialisation seal that recognises tourist destinations that offer high quality resources and services to elite professional and amateur athletes and to tourists wishing to practice sports or attend competitions.

Catalonia has 16 certified DTEs that are distinguished for specialising in offering sports, tourism and commerce, customer care, medical services and centres, and the desire to innovate and improve continuously.


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