This is a vehicle that is propelled by a continuous track (a notched wheel covered with rubber and a belt that fits around the back wheels) with skis on both sides for easy steering. They can go over snow or ice and require no road or trail. They have powerful two and four-stroke engines. Modern snowmobiles can reach up to 193 km/h and the ones used for racing can reach up to 241 km/h. However, the majority of its production is destined to recreational use. The amount of snowmobiles in Europe is still relatively low, although they are becoming more popular. Catalonia, with its mountains and its many ski fields, is the ideal place to enjoy a day out on a snowmobile. Many companies, such as Alp 2.005, which are set up on at ski resorts offer an interesting range of snowmobile activities. Although you do not need to have an extensive knowledge on how these vehicles work, we do recommend that you go to a centre that rents them and a school to learn how to control them, because they are often taken off-road, with no marked trails to follow.


GPS coordinates X: -3.70034930149912, Y: 40.4166907261765