Ski bike


Ski bike

Ski-biking (called skibob in Europe) is a fun and exciting way of sliding down snow-covered mountain slopes. Ski-bikes are like mountain bikes but with skis, or a type of snow board, instead of wheels. The skiers wear ski boots and carry short poles which provide multiple points of contact with the snow.
Because they have a low centre of gravity and are supported on three points, ski-bikes are particularly stable and easy to learn, and also less likely to overturn.
This activity has been enjoyed for fun in Europe for decades –so much so that ski-bikes have their own FISB racing circuit (International Skibob Federation).
The sport is often practiced by people with reduced mobility, who find that this adapted bike is an unbeatable way of allowing them to glide down snow-covered slopes. Most beginners can ski to an intermediate level without any problem on their first day. To have a go at the sport, the best thing is to go to a ski resort where you can learn more about it and try it out. TheLa Molina ski resort
(Girona) offers courses and rents ski-bikes for people with reduced mobility. This winter resort has hosted events for the Disabled Alpine Skiing World Cup.