Riverboarding. Riverboarding.




Thrill-seekers and people with a steady head should try river-boarding. River-boarders ride on boards, practically in the water, so they can feel the full force of nature directly on their body. River-boarding consists of an individual descent down the rapids on a polyurethane board in the shape of a sledge. The rider stretches out on the board and holds on to a handle. During the descent, the upper part of the body (to the hips) is on the board, while the legs float on the water. The flippers worn on the feet act as rudders and also control the speed. The stretches of river which are ideal for river-boarding are located in high mountain areas. The best season is spring, which coincides with the thaw, when there is a greater volume of water and the river is faster and stronger. The Noguera Pallaresa is the best river in Europe for practicing this sport, with over sixty kilometres that are ideal for river-boarding. Before going down, the instructor gathers the group together on land and explains how to handle the board, control the speed, make turns, etc. The group then gets into easy waters, where all the instructions are put into practice, after which they are ready to begin the descent. One of the many Catalan companies that provides the equipment and training necessary for river-boarding is Yeti Emotions in Llavorsí (region of El Pallars Sobirà, Lleida).