K-2 rowing. K-2 rowing.


Активный и спортивный туризм


As is widely known, this water sport consists of navigating with boats propelled by oars. Although it seems simple, it is a very intense activity.

It is advisable to practice this sport as a group or at least in the company of one other person, especially at the beginning.

All types of Olympic rowing are not recommended until one has a basic grasp of this sport and of the conditions in the area. It can be practiced in a river, as well as in a lake or the sea. In fact, the practice of rowing in a felucca, a traditional fishing boat, is very well-established in Catalonia.

For those who are not familiar with rowing but would like to practice it for leisure, the current, most recommended option is the yawl. It is a very stable boat thanks to the hull surface, which is much larger in comparison with the models used for straight or Olympic rowing.

In Catalonia, rowing is closely associated with places like Banyoles lake, thanks to the activities of the Club Natació Banyoles, or the waters of the Ebro River, where the Club Nàutic Amposta is widely renowned. It is no surprise that this club has a school that is open to everyone. In spite of everything, one should bear in mind that in order to participate in this activity, it is necessary to learn the technique, be in good physical condition and, on occasion, have a federation licence.


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