Quad bike. Cabo de Creus.  (Daniel Julián)Quad bike. Cabo de Creus. (Daniel Julián)

Quad bikes


Quad bikes

A quad bike is not a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle, or even a go-kart. As it has the power of an all-terrain vehicle and a design that makes it possible to enjoy the weather and scenery, adventure is guaranteed.
A quad bike or ATV is a four-wheel vehicle that is similar to a motorcycle. Its name varies depending on the use for which it has been made. Although both are designed for recreational purposes, the difference lies in the fact that ATVs are also used for agricultural activities; quad bikes, on the other hand, are used in competitions.
Power, agility and resistance are some of the main features of this type of vehicle. They can tackle all obstacles, climb very narrow paths, travel through mires, cross streams and go through thick woods. As for the number of people they can carry, some have room for two passengers. Usually, if one hires a quad bike, the models available require an A or B driving licence and go up to 70 km/h. There are also some which are similar to mopeds that have less power and speed.
Specialised companies are located throughout Catalonia and offer introductory courses and trips during which one can drive around accompanied by professionals. The adventure sports company Indòmit, in Olvan (Bages, Barcelona), has a closed circuit that combines dirt and mud. It is perfect for quad biking with friends and family, as it also hires out quad bikes that can be driven by children who are at least five years old.
The rides last about fifteen minutes and the company provides the vehicle, fuel and insurance, in addition to the equipment (helmet, gloves and goggles) and training. If one so desires, they can sign up for an organised trip. The quad bike is, without a doubt, the perfect vehicle for enjoying the scenery and having an adventurous experience in Catalonia.


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