The Catalan Tourist Board's partnership programme is aimed at creating a pool of strategic members in order to work jointly with them on positioning and marketing the Catalunya brand in the world.

The companies that comprise the programme, which may or not be involved in the tourism sector, benefit from being associated with a tourist destination that is a world leader occupying first place in Spain.

At the same time, partners increase their presence and visibility in key international markets. Prominent visibility for each company in all of the Board's promotional and marketing platforms is guaranteed.

Companies associated with the Catalan Tourist Board can be those directly related to the tourism sector, such as airlines, car rental companies, railways, cruise operators, hotel chains, travel agencies, tour operators, restaurant chains and companies involved in culture and leisure.

CTB partners can also be companies in other economic sectors indirectly linked to tourism, including cars, fashion, finance, food and beverage, the home, health and beauty, telecommunications and insurance

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