Octopus with potatoes. Octopus with potatoes.

Pop amb Patates


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Pop amb Patates

Octopus with potatoes is a popular dish traditionally prepared by fishermen on board their boats, and still made in households near the sea. It has very few ingredients but they must all be of top quality. This is the cooking that sea-going folk enjoy in their homes. The octopus can also be frozen to ensure that it is tender. Another stew, cuttlefish with potatoes, is usually made during the spring, and contains peas, a little tomato and a bay leaf. An excellent dish which is finished off with some chopped garlic, parsley and saffron.

Ingredients for 4 people
1 octopus weighing 1 kg, 1/2 kg potatoes, olive oil, 6 garlic cloves, salt

Pound the octopus until tender. Cut into pieces. Place in cold water and scrub well to remove the bitter slime it releases during peeling. Add salt and cook in a large pan of water for about an hour and half approximately (depending on the size of the octopus). Then add the peeled potatoes broken into pieces and allow to cook for 20 minutes more. At the last minute, add a couple of spoonfuls of allioli negat (curdled garlic mayonnaise) and stir well so everything is well emulsified.