Piragüismo en el Canal Olímpico. Piragüismo en el Canal Olímpico.


Активный и спортивный туризм


Experiencing the emotions of a white water river or navigating through the peace and quiet of a lake in a small boat propelled by the force of an oar. With canoeing and kayaking, it is possible to enjoy the water and surrounding nature in some of the most primitive boats known to man.

These two sports are somewhat different: kayaks are boats that are propelled with a double-bladed oar, while canoes are propelled with a single-bladed oar.

In the past, canoers and kayakers practiced this sport in still waters that were easy to navigate. Nevertheless, for years, stretches of rivers with rushing waters have become a regular spot for this sport. Thus, rivers such as the Noguera Pallaresa (whose best season is between spring and summer, during the thaw) and man-made canals like the Olympic canal of La Seu d’Urgell (where one can practice year-round) make it possible to enjoy canoeing and kayaking in white waters.

Club Piragüisme Salt-Ter (in the municipality of Salt, Girona) is a club that organises an introductory course in white waters every year.

Catalonia also has first-rate facilities for enjoying canoeing and kayaking in calm waters. One can learn these sports in Banyoles lake (Girona) or the Olympic canal of Castelldefels (Barcelona) by contacting one of the clubs located there, such as Club Natació Banyoles and Club Piragüisme Castelldefels, respectively.


Координаты GPS X: -3.70034930149912, Y: 40.4166907261765