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Pet-friendly Catalonia


Pet-friendly Catalonia

If it's a challenge for you to adapt your holiday to the needs of your pet, whether in hotels, restaurants, beaches or transport, pet-friendly Catalonia will make it easier for you: the region works hard to welcome people travelling with pets. You will find specialised services, hundreds of adapted accommodation options, parks and outdoor spaces to enjoy nature with your animal.

Getting around with animals

Getting around Catalonia with animals on public transport is very easy. For example, dogs are allowed on the metro in Barcelona. Just avoid peak times from Monday to Friday. During off-peak times and at the weekend, the metro welcomes them, and smaller breeds can also travel on trams and buses, as long as they are in a travel cage. The same goes for cats and birds. The only thing necessary is a muzzle for dogs and a non-extendable lead, less than 50cm long.
On the local service trains, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat trains, medium distance, AVE and Avant trains, you can also travel with animals whether they are dogs, cats, ferrets or birds weighing less than 10 kg. Catalonia is within reach for you and your beloved animal by public transport.

Stay with your pet

Pet-friendly accommodation is available throughout Catalonia. More than 800 hotels, hostels and cottages accept guests with pets, often with no additional charge, near the sea, in the heart of the mountains or in the city centre. You can take your dog for a walk along the roads of the Costa Brava or Costa Daurada, travel through the forests of the Catalan Pyrenees or go for a bike ride through the Delta de L'Ebre. Even Gaudí heritage site, Park Güell in Barcelona is dog-friendly!
We recommend checking with your accommodation of choice as to their restrictions relating to pets, especially in terms of the weight of animals or restricted areas.

Dog-friendly beaches
Recently, dog-access to beaches has become more flexible in Catalonia, to the extent that it now has the highest number of dog-friendly beaches on the peninsular coast. Cavaió and Picòrdia beaches, in Arenys de Mar,  at Vallcarca in Sitges and Rubina in Aiguamolls de l'Empordà all welcome dogs throughout the year.