Peras al vino Peras al vino

Peres al vi


Recipe name
Peres al vi
Winter, Summer, Autumn

Pears in wine or stewed pears can be eaten for dessert and as an accompaniment for other dishes, particularly poultry such as duck and goose. The red wine may be substituted for mature wine or sweet garnacha wine, although the amount of sugar must be reduced so the pears are not too sweet. Although they can be eaten hot, it is best to allow them to cool so that the flavours have time to blend together.

The pears must be the kind with firm flesh, such as Sant Joan, which are only available on the market for a couple of months. It is best not to use Anjou pears, as their texture means they break up very easily.

In autumn, this dish can also be prepared with small whole apples found growing naturally or in the wild.

Ingredients for 4 people
1 kg small pears
200 g sugar
1 l red wine
1/2 l water
rind of one lemon (without the pith)
1 stick of cinnamon

Place the pears in a pan with the water, sugar, red wine, lemon rind and the cinnamon stick.

Bring to the boil and simmer gently until the pears are soft.

Once cooked, remove the pears and boil to reduce the cooking liquid until the alcohol has evaporated and the juice becomes quite thick.

Remove from the heat and return the pears to the pan. Leave to cool.