Parapente en el pico de Ares.  (Lluís Carro)Parapente en el pico de Ares. (Lluís Carro)


Активный и спортивный туризм


In order to go paragliding, one simply has to have the desire to fly. The sensation of freedom is exhilarating, thanks to the silence and the panoramic view offered by this engine-free gliding machine.

Without a doubt, paragliding is the lightest aircraft and perhaps the one that comes closest to the flight of a bird, since it takes advantage of air currents to operate. It is simply made of rope and fabric and has no rigid structure, except for the pilot’s seat. In short, it is an ultra-light flexible glider that needs no wheels or external assistance during take off or landing.

The pilot starts the flight from an elevated point and seeks to catch ascending currents that can extend the flight over hours. One simply has to run fifty metres without stopping.

To get started in this sport, the best thing to do is fly tandem. In fact, one does not need to have specialised knowledge or take a course. The control is completely in the hands of the pilot. Each person sits in a chair with a harness, which makes it possible to be seated during the flight. The passenger sits in front with the pilot behind. Both are connected to the paraglider and emergency parachute.

Inland Catalonia is one of the best areas in Spain for this activity. There are many companies that provide the equipment and all the necessary information. For example, Entrenúvols, the most established school in Spain, has very experienced pilots, guides and instructors. It is located in the middle of the Vall d’Áger valley, in the La Noguera region of Lleida. Their flights take off from the summit of Serra del Montsec and land next to the town of Áger. It also offers "baptisms", which do not require any prior knowledge or training, as well as advanced and safety courses, which helps gliders improve their technique.


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