Bread in wine and sugar. Bread in wine and sugar.

Pa amb Vi i Sucre (Suca-Mulla)


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Recipe name
Pa amb Vi i Sucre (Suca-Mulla)
All year round

Bread with wine and sugar (or suca-mulla) is usually eaten as a dessert or for tea all over the Catalan regions. Similar tea dishes include bread with oil and sugar, bread with tomato, bread with chocolate, coca (a kind of typical bread) with fuet or longaniza (local smoked sausages), toast with top-of-the-milk and sugar, and bread with candied fruits in syrup in the Region of Valencia.

Ingredients for 4 people
Peasant bread, good-quality red wine, sugar
Place the slices of peasant bread in a plate and using a porrón (wine flask with a spout), sprinkle them with red wine until the bread is soaked. Sprinkle on a little sugar and eat.