Активный и спортивный туризм


A map, a compass and unknown territory. The aim is to reach certain control points and, in the end, cross the finish line. Orienteering is a sport that is ideal for enjoying nature.

An orienteering race can considered a pleasant stroll through nature or a competitive sports event. In the second case, it is a cross-country hike, against the clock and with no set route. However, one must pass by certain control points marked on a map. Those who visit the control points in the least amount of time, win.

Competitions can last just one day or extend over various days, although, in the second case, survival basics and first aid equipment are required. Participants can have detailed maps or maps with only coordinates. The routes do not pass through towns and the crossing over roads is limited. The distance can be travelled by walking or running, skiing or cycling.

To get started in this sport or participate in events, the best thing to do is contact the Federació de Curses d’Orientació de Catalunya, which brings together eighteen clubs.

One of the best places for orienteering is in Tarragona. Its location in the middle of the mountains makes it the ideal setting for these events.


Координаты GPS X: -3.70034930149912, Y: 40.4166907261765