Aranese stew. Aranese stew.

Olha aranesa


Recipe name
Olha aranesa
Town or city
Vielha e Mijaran
Tourism Brand
Val d'Aran

One of the best dishes in the Val d'Aran region's rich gastronomy is this Aranese stew, a favourite with locals and with the visitors who come here attracted by the beautiful countryside.The stew is made with potatoes, noodles, beans, butifarra (black sausage) and pilota (a type of meatball).

The extreme weather conditions in Val d'Aran, where many villages are snowed in for many months of the year, have meant that, over the years local cuisine has developed calorie-packed dishes to help keep the cold at bay.Soups, potages and stews form the basis of the region's gastronomic culture. What used to be tasty but somewhat rudimentary meals have over time become appreciated by the most demanding foodies.

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