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Motos trail

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Motos trail

The term ‘trail bike’ refers to a type of agile, easy to handle multi-purpose motorcycle that makes it possible to travel on non-asphalt terrain, such as paths, tracks and forest trails, despite the fact that they can also be driven on the road.

Trail bikes have a V single-cylinder or twin-cylinder engines , a cylinder capacity of between 350 and 750 cubic centimetres, almost no aerodynamic fairing and a fairly high seat, around 880 millimetres. It measures two and a half metres in length.

Thus, it is an all-terrain motorcycle that makes it possible to travel through highly-varied mountain areas at sufficiently high speeds.

Unlike motocross, trail biking competitions are held on open tracks and are very long, often lasting a few days. There are two different types. Enduro is a specialty recognised by the International Motorcycling Federation. These races take place over one or two days and cover close to 200 kilometres. On the other hand, a rally is a long race in which the drivers must cover great distances, combining speed and navigation skills.

Club Ris-Ras Enduro (in the municipality of Santa Oliva, Tarragona) has a permanent track in Albornar where a competition is held each year. It also organises courses for individuals of all ages and skill levels.


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