Covering long distances on a motorbike, enjoying the landscape, the weather and the company of friends. Riding a racing bike, or one known as a touring bike offers comfort and convenience over speed. For biking fans, this is more than just a sport, it´s an attitude to life.
Riding a road bike is a completely different experience from any other 2-wheel vehicle. The position nearest to upright means you can keep your back straight and your arms and legs stretched to make driving more comfortable, so both the driver and companion can withstand long hours on the bike.
Most of these bikes come equipped with a high cylinder engine (usually over 1000 cc), with a fairing or shell to protect the driver from wind and rain, and a fuel tank which enables you to travel long distances without the need to refuel.
There are also sub-categories in this type of vehicle: everything from the largest and heaviest touring bikes, through to sport racing bikes, which combine comfort and excitement.
To get used to riding this kind of vehicle, the best thing is go to a club which provides tips on how to handle them, and the chance to go on organised rides. Moto Club Sant Hilari (in Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona) has a section dedicated to road bikes, and they also offer opportunities for excursions and practice in closed circuits.