Ultralight in the aerodrome at Òdena (Cablepress)Ultralight in the aerodrome at Òdena (Cablepress)




Flying in these small aircraft is a thrilling experience, whether you´re using them for leisure or sport. As they are so simple and easy to use, it does not take long to become a real pilot. Their affordability makes them the most accessible flying system. A micro-light is a light aircraft with a small engine that can be joined to a hang-glider, or you might find it in the structure of a fixed-wing airplane. These aircraft can be flown at any time of the day, carry one or two people, and are perfect for low flying. Micro-lights have a range of around three hours, 47 horse power and can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour. There is also a parachute on board. According to the International Aeronautical Federation, micro-lights can be divided into classic models (with fixed wings and mobile aerodynamic control), pendular or trike models (with wings, a cabin and landing gear), hang-gliders with an engine, autogyro models (a tricycle with an engine and seats for the pilots hanging from freely rotating wings) and paramotor models (the pilot and the engine are in a harness hanging from a paraglider).
Many adventure sports companies offer micro-light flights. The Ocigirona association, which groups together leisure activity companies throughout Girona, organises flights all year round. The flights take you over the Empordà plain, the Ter River, Pals beach and Port de l’Estartit. The activity begins with a visit to the plane manufacturing workshop, followed by a flight with a pilot.