Façade latérale du château.  (Miguel Raurich)Façade latérale du château. (Miguel Raurich)

Les Garrigues, place of castles oil, and wine

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Les Garrigues, place of castles oil, and wine
# 25140 s/n
Marque touristique
Terres de Lleida
Catalan, Espagnol, Anglais

The package includes:

  • 1 night accommodation in Castle of La Floresta (HUTL-000383) (touristic accommodation)

  • Lunch at the restaurant La Plazuela

  • Vinya Winery tour the Vilars

  • Guided tour of the Iberian fortress of Vilars Arbeca

  • Visit the Castle Arbeca

  • Visit the Oil mill Argilés

  • Guided visit Macià Space

  • Guided tour Castle Floresta

  • Guided tour and breakfast Matallonga Winery

  • Guided tour CastleEspluga Calba

  • Travel Insurance. (Check the conditions here)

The price does not include:

  • All transfers are made with client's own transport.

Description of the visits:

  • Vineyard Vilars Arbeca: Winery tour, wine tasting and two bottle gift Vilars-Roble. In this environment, 9 hectares of vineyards are planted; the varieties imported Syrah and Merlot in southeastern France. Wine production Vineyard Vilars, protected under the Denomination of Origin Costers del Segre, sub Garrigues, is deeply marked by the geological and climatic characteristics of the area, with a calcareous soil and a Mediterranean climate, with cold winters, hot summers and an average of low rainfall. Vintage hand is performed, to give consumers a unique product with great personality.

  • Fortaleza Iberian Vilars: The fortress of Vilars was continuously inhabited for 400 years. Its builders were people who belonged to the cultural group of the fields of urns, named after the custom to cremate and bury the ashes in ceramic vessels of their dead. Two hundred years later, in contact with other Mediterranean cultures, the inhabitants of the Vilars fortress lived iberización process, becoming the people called by ancient writers as ilergetes.

  • Castle Arbeca: Arbeca Castle crowns the hill on the slopes. From there, an amazing panorama in sight, with all the plain of Urgell at the foot and front Montsec Mountains.

  • Oil Mill Argilés: This mill, dedicated to the extraction of the juice of the olive, is documented since the early nineteenth century. The well preserved as it is, despite having been abandoned for many years, it allows visitors to get a very clear picture of how the oil was produced in this century. The mill, located in the center of town, in the square of the Church, belonged to the manor of Cal Gras. But now you can see a piece of beam press, characteristic of the eighteenth century and two wooden shells of the same period. It is believed it could have been one of the first private mill in the city, since at the time of the house of lords of Medina was not allowed to build oil mills to any neighbour.

  • Space Macià: The Macià Area is a center of interpretation of the figure of Francesc Macià. In the space shown Macià, share, retrieve, preserves and disseminates the documentary, graphic, audiovisual and sentimental heritage linked to Francesc Macià. It is a center feel of the Statue of Francesc Macià. You will meet an essential figure in the history of Catalonia, which has influenced the definition of Catalan identity. You will participate in a visual dialogue on the freedom of peoples. You will find the details of the human, ideological, cultural and political background of Francesc Macià.

  • Bodega Maralinga: Visit the vineyards where we see the difference between a trellised and young vineyard and a well and old, continue the journey to the Fountain of Marquise part of Nature 2000 and will end with a visit to the cellar with breakfast, wine our wines visit to the old oil mill cooperative. It is a family project that is fruit of a long tradition as farmers and vintners and great respect for the land and the environment. Part of the IO Casters del Segre. They currently have planted 10ha of vineyard, of which 5 are working to make the wines. The production is 14,000 l do. The wines are made from the varieties grown and they work with are: Maccabee, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot.

  • Castle Espluga Calba: It is a stone manor house built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Its name comes from llatíspelunca, referring to the caves dug into the rock that can be seen in several places in the city. The castle belonged to the Order of the Hospital for 4 centuries.


  • Castillo de la Floresta (HUTL-000383): Five-storey house and cellar for up to twenty people. It has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens and two common spaces on different floors with TV and fireplace each. This area was characterized Arab fronts as a border territory, especially exposed to feudal enemy attacks and need protection by the Andalusian public authorities that have agreed to fiscal measures to promote the construction of small towers.

Restore Service:

  • Restaurant La Plazuela: Restaurant located in the center of the town of Arbeca, in the Plaza de la Iglesia and near other tourist attractions. There is a modern and friendly atmosphere. They have Catalan meals and regional cuisine.

Accessibility: The experience is not accessible.

Price per person. Minimum 2 persons.

Entité organisatrice Tu i Lleida, SL
Type d’événement Activités culturelles

Coordonnées GPS X: 0.9234722999999576, Y: 41.5426212
Adresse # 25140 s/n
Commune Arbeca

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