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La Noguera in a different way!

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La Noguera in a different way!
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Terres de Lleida
Catalan, Espagnol, Anglais

Weekend of two nights in La Noguera to enjoy the stars and get to know places of cultural and historical interest, as well as making a trip to the Congost de Mont-Rebei Gorge. Discover La Noguera in a different way.

The package includes:

  • 2 nights in a double room in the accommodation chosen between 3* Monestir de les Avellanes, 3* Hotel Terradets, 2* Hotel Port d'Ager, Rural Farmhouse of Àger, L'Alcova del Firmament (HUTL000142) or Molí de Farfanya rural farmhouse.

  • Depending on the chosen accommodation includes breakfast.

  • Visit the observation Centre of the universe.

  • Visit to choose from (1 visit included in the package): St. Peter's Collegiate Church of Ager, Seró transmitter space, Monestir de les Avellanes, Castle and Collegiate church of Mur, Castell de Montsonís, Neanderthal territory or Tartareu.

  • Guided visit to the Castle of Os de Balaguer.

  • Recommended Tours: St. Peter's Collegiate Church of Ager, Seró transmitter space, Monestir de les Avellanes, Castle and collegiate church of Mur, Castell de Montsonís, Neanderthal territory or Tartareu.

  • Gorge of Mont-Rebei

  • Gastronomic set menu dinner at restaurant serving traditional cuisine.

  • Tourist information brochure of the territory and official map.

  • Special surprise gift.

  • Travel Insurance. (Check the conditions here)

Visits in Catalan, Spanish and English

Sights and excursions descriptions:

  • Visit the observation Centre de Universe (COU): it is a multimedia installation, which consists of a drop-down Dome where you can project documentaries or movies in format "full-dome", observe the sky through the images you get with a telescope with a diameter of 30 cm installed in the same room. You can also visit the Park of telescopes to make direct observations and enjoy the permanent exhibition. Entry included in the package. Schedules to be checked.

  • Visit to the Collegiate Church of Sant Pere of Ager: It is a monumental complex formed by the walls of the town, the Castle and to the premises of the canonical monastery from the 11th century. It has been recently restored. Opening hours: Saturday from 18h to 19h. Sundays and holidays at 11h am, 12h and 13h.

  • Visit to Seró transmitter space: Exhibition of Statues-Menir Neolithic (5000 years) found in Seró. They are the highest and most highly decorated of the Indo-European continent. Guided tour. We are preparing nocturnal visits for specific dates and also on demand. Opening hours:Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 11h, 12h and 13h. In summer time, also on Saturdays at 17h and 18h.

  • Visit to the Monestir of the Avellanes: Visit the different areas of the Monastery with explanation of the uses that are made by the monks and the current activities of the same.

  • Visit to the Castle and collegiate church of wall: The castle is documented for the first time in the year 969, and survives, pride and splendid, in front of the Montsec. In 1920, it was declared as a historic-artistic Monument of national interest. The collegiate church was the monastery of Canons Augustinians of Santa Maria de Mur. It was built in the second half of the 11th century by the counts of Pallars Jussà, V Ramon and Valença. He was consecrated in 1069 by Guillem Arnau, Bishop of Urgell. The whole title of the monastery of Santa Maria, Sant Pere and Sant Esteve de Mur. Schedule: Saturdays at 10h am, 11.30h, 13h, 16.30h and 18h. Sundays at 10h am, 11.30h and 13h.

  • Visit the castle of Montsonís: A magnificent fortress which retains all the splendour and elegance of that times past, integrated into the upper part of the small and quiet village of Montsonís, surrounded by fertile land with wonderful views. Schedule: Saturday at 17h, 18h and 19h. Sundays at 11h am, 12h and 13h.

  • Visit to the Neanderthal territory: The Roca dels Bous is a Neanderthal site in excavation that allows you to investigate how these hominids lived 50,000 years ago. The route begins in the origins space in Camarasa and the visit ends in the excavation area. Origins space is a center dedicated to the dissemination of natural and cultural heritage of the territory, is the host site of the activities in the Roca dels Bous and the Archaeological Park. Summer schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 10h-13h pm Fridays and Saturdays 10h-13h and 17h-20h. Winter hours: Tuesday-Friday 10h-13h pm and weekends from 10h-13h and 16h-19h.

  • Visit to Tartareu: In the Centre of the historic, Natural and Rural heritage Revitalization of Tartareu is a project of territorial promotion that wants to put in value and promote the cultural, architectural and archaeological, paleontological heritage of the municipality of les Avellanes and Santa Linya. The Center has multiple tools of dissemination (exhibition permanent photographic, audiovisual, additional information, etc.) that allows you to raise awareness of the natural and cultural heritage of the region and, in this way, make the visitors get to know the different options that you have to get to know the territory. Opening hours: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11h to 13h.

  • Guided visit to the Castle of Os de Balaguer: At the top of a hill that dominates the village of Os de Balaguer there is the fortified castle "Os Malignum Castrum ". It was part of a defensive line made up of numerous castles, among which there were: Àger, Albesa, Almenar, Alguerri, Alguaire, Castelló de Farfanya, Corbins, Lorenzo, Santa Linya and Os de Balaguer. Guided visit to the castle of 1h duration included in the package.

  • Gorge of Mont-Rebei: This is the classic way of Gorge of Mont-rebei (GR-1). It has a route about 4 km, with a duration of 4h (2h round and 2h back). Ideal to make it all along a day. The road runs through a very gentle slope, and enters the Gorge; once crossed, can be extended to continuous ascent slope means up to Mas Carlets. Attention to the sector of the Gorge: it is not recommended if you have dizziness or for people not accustomed to the altitude. Access by car can be, until the area of la Masieta (parking area). You can choose to go the same way (2h) or to continue on through to the area of la Mare de Déu de la Pertusa and Corçà (about 2.30h additional).

Accomodation description:

  • 3* Monestir de les Avellanes: it is a 3-star Hotel with 37 double rooms, all exterior, with all amenities, bathroom, air conditioning, phone, internet connection, music, hairdryer, and of course beautiful views to the natural environment. The Guest House offers rooms with a great uniqueness for the fact of being part of a monastery. It includes breakfast.

  • 3* Hotel Terradets: It is located in front of the Lake of Cellers. Family Hotel of three stars in the spectacular Terradets Gorge. It has a swimming pool and a TV in the rooms. It includes breakfast.

  • 2* Hotel Port of Ager: is situated in the vall d'Àger, the heart of the serra del Montsec, and it has a privileged location and spectacular views. Offers to meet and enjoy the peace of our environment in rooms placed following a study geopathic, looking for an optimal relaxation, facilities and a raised traditional cuisine. It includes breakfast.

  • L'Alcova del Firmament (HUTL000142): Lodging with a sleeping room alcove type, free space, full bathroom and balcony. Includes TV, music and assortment of teas for free.

  • El Moli de Farfanya rural house: is a rural farmhouse, located in a privileged place for lovers of nature, surrounded by forests of oak and fields, to rest and be quiet, you can hear the diversity of birds that exist in the area and watch at night one night sky, where discovering the sky.

  • Rural Farmhouse of Àger is an old farmhouse built on a Romanesque chapel of the XI century, restored with great care by its owner, retains the original architecture typical Áger Valley. Breakfast room. Outdoor garden furniture, barbecue, porch and common pool. It has wi-fi, TV, breakfast with the territory artisans products.

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