Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso, all Formula 1 champions, have a common past: go-karting. One probably will never be able to equal their ability, but their skill can be imitated at the wheel of a go-kart.
Go-karting is a sport that is practiced with a go-kart in circuits of 600 to 1,700 metres. It is a one-seater vehicle with no roof or suspension. Because of its features, it is usually the first automobile of those that wish to become competition drivers. It is easy to operate and its performance and driving are comparable to any top-level car category.
It is recommended that one enter the world of go-karting in good physical shape, although it is not essential. The parts of the body that are most affected are the neck, spine and arms. Go-karting is done on special tracks. These are closed facilities in which the entire event can be seen from anywhere. The first indoor go-karting track is located in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelonès): Indoor Karting Barcelona. Competitions can be organised for children and companies. On the other hand, the largest outdoor go-karting track in Spain is located in Sallent (in the region of El Bages), Karting Sallent, and has a 1,460 metre track.