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Accelerating and breaking the waves, feeling the engine’s power. Jet-skis are driven much like a conventional motorcycle, and are boats measuring less than four metres in length. They use an internal combustion engine with a water jet pump as their main source of propulsion. They can be driven by one or more people either seated, standing or kneeling actually on the hull, rather than inside it. The main difference with other types of boats is that jet-skis do not use a propeller but are driven by turbine power. There are two types, recreational and sport, in two different models: jets (one-seater) and runabout (multi-seater: two-seater, three-seater and even four-seater). There are also various levels of power: from 50 to 350 horsepower, and jet-skis of up to 163 horsepower. In Spain, there are three types of certification for driving jet-skis: jet-ski A certification: for driving jet-skis of 110 horsepower of more; B: less than 110 horsepower; and C: less than 55 horsepower. These types of vehicles can only be driven by people at least 18 years of age, or 16 with parental consent. They are commonly used in competitions, including the circuit (consisting of two rounds, with the route marked by buoys, close to the coast), raid (featuring long routes and undoubtedly a favourite amongst drivers) and freestyle (individual performances for show, featuring breathtaking acrobatics). Argos Academia Náutica organises a theoretical and practical course at its location in Torredembarra (Tarragona) for the Patrón de Navegación Básica certification (basic navigation) for jet-skis. However, if you just want to enjoy a little recreation on this powerful water vehicle there are many companies that hire jet-skis by the hour or fractions thereof. One of these is Embarcacions Badia Alfacs (in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Tarragona).