Активный и спортивный туризм


Powered by the force of the riders´ legs, pedalos make it possible to ride along the coast, relaxing and sunbathing while enjoying the scenery from a very stable boat.

Designed for all types of people, pedalos are pedal-powered boats that make it possible to glide along water. They are normally used in beaches, rivers and lakes. They do not require a motor. The models only vary in their design and in some of the materials used to build them. Thus, there are those made of wood, fibre glass or high-density polyethylene, which is very common since it is a raw material that resists the effects of sunlight and shocks.

There are various types: two-seaters, which are the simplest; four-seaters, which are ideal for families, and those with a straight or curved slide. It is an activity that can be done in groups or individually. You simply need a swimsuit and good sun protection. And smooth, uniform pedalling.

Along the Mediterranean Sea, the pedalo area is normally limited at each beach. They are thus used in the swimming area, in the section of the sea between 50 and 200 metres. They are not allowed to enter the areas reserved for motor vehicles. There are pedalos for hire on many beaches of the Catalan coast.


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