Gastronomic evening at L’Empordanet   (Associació Cuina de l’Empordanet)Gastronomic evening at L’Empordanet (Associació Cuina de l’Empordanet)

Gastronomy with a past with the cuisine groups


Gastronomy with a past with the cuisine groups

The culture and roots of Catalonia live on in our cuisine. Each spoonful of a Catalan recipe takes your palate on a historical trip through the legacy of past civilisations, the influence of climate on its ingredients and the cooking methods passed down the generations. Conserving this legacy is the goal of the cuisine groups.

These are groups of chefs or restaurants and, in some cases, also farmers who base their culinary offerings on local, quality cuisine. In Catalonia, there are more than 20, and they are spread all around the country.

The cuisine groups invite you to savour the pleasure of good, traditional cooking. Some of them preserve or promote ancient recipes, others recover old cooking techniques or utensils used in the past.

Savour Catalan history in the culinary offerings of the cuisine groups.