Parada del mercado de la Boquería. Parada del mercado de la Boquería.

Gastronomic tourism


Gastronomic tourism

The secret of Catalan cuisine is in the quality and uniqueness of the products used, plus the combination of what is offered by the land and the sea.

Prades potatoes, wines from the Penedès, the ganxet bean, Siurana olive oil, calçots (a type of tender onion) from Valls, rice from the Ebro Delta, sausage from Vic and the cheeses of Alt Urgell, to name but a few of the Catalan products with certification of origin and agri-food quality. Catalan cuisine is internationally renowned for achieving a difficult balance between innovation and tradition, through the work of chefs like Joan Roca, Carme Ruscalleda, Santi Santamaria and, above all, Ferran Adrià, who from the kitchens of El Bulli restaurant revolutionised the world gastronomy scene.

Behind the cuisine of Catalonia today lies the story of a country, a land, a way of being and of doing things. That is why it has been nominated for recognition by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In addition to its many restaurants of all kinds, Catalonia has a network of public markets where product quality is paramount, and a number of groups of restauranteurs dedicated to promoting the cuisine typical of each area, working with the two terms of territory and product.


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