Le village et l’église Sant Antolí  (Miguel Raurich)Le village et l’église Sant Antolí (Miguel Raurich)


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Marque touristique
Terres de Lleida
Catalan, Espagnol, Anglais

The package includes:

  • 1 night accommodation in a double room with breakfast included or full apartment at Rural accommodation Lo Trull de Soses

  • Lunch in Can Joan or Casa Conrado

  • Dinner in Lo Trull de Soses

  • Fruitourism Aitona

  • Excursion: Natural Green Way Aitona-Soses

  • Travel Insurance. (Check the conditions here)

The price does not includes:

  • All transfers are made with client's own transport.

Description of visits and activities:

  • Fruitourism Aitona: Fruitourism is a pioneering project launched in Aitona that by spreading the world of local fresh fruit, aims to promote the economic revitalization of Lower of Baix Segre. Fruitourism wants to offer activities that make you feel the taste of fruit and at the same time give value to the heritage, landscape and culture of Aitona. With Fruitourism they want to publicize the culture of fruit, both our own municipality and transmit the values of irrigated agriculture. The project's goal the project is to exploit the excellent quality and flavor of peaches, nectarines, paraguayan and platerina to promote the country as a tourist destination.

  • Green Natural Way Aitona-Soses: City Councils of Soses and Aitona have made the project to restore the old river road as a fun way to use and to enjoy the surrounding reality. They want to turn an area of historical and cultural heritage in an attractive green tourism point. This road is of great importance nailing as along its path of over 9 kilometers, crosses the river Segre as it passes through the villages of Soses and Aitona. It is an enclosed area within the Natura 2000 network for its rich flora and fauna.

Description of accommodation and catering services:

  • Lo Trull de Soses: Lo Trull de Soses is a restaurant that offers rooms to stay. It offers the traditional cuisine of Lleida, with a touch of modernity and always prepared with products of proximity and quality. In the restoration of the house, they have been observed almost all the original building elements such as walls of stone and adobe, pine beams, slabs of plaster, exterior carpentry. Most of the existing furniture is original to the house and there is also a piece of home Montull, all carefully restored.

  • Can Joan: Traditional restaurant, located in the center of the town of Aitona.

  • Casa Conrado: Restaurant specialized in preparing traditional Catalan food. We have delicious dishes made with top quality products. We also have qualified personnel to offer a friendly and familiar service.

Accessibility: The experience is not accessible.

Price per person. Minimum 2 persons. Full apartment for 5 persons.

Entité organisatrice Tu i Lleida, SL

Coordonnées GPS X: 0.4590822999999773, Y: 41.4934916
Adresse # 25182 s/n
Commune Aitona

Entité organisatrice

Tu i Lleida, SL