Esquí aquàtic

Активный и спортивный туризм

Esquí aquàtic

For lovers of speed and water sports, there is nothing as thrilling as gliding over the water: impossible curves, jumps and above all, emotion.

Water skiing is a competitive sport in addition to being entertaining. Participants of this activity, barefoot or on skis, glide over the water pulled by motorboats that travel at around sixty kilometres an hour. Given the power of the boats, one must have good reflexes and balance. The most expert enthusiasts perform spectacular moves on one or two skis. There are different water skiing disciplines, such as slalom, figure andjump.

It is best to start in lakes or reservoirs, where it is easier to stay balanced, thanks to the weaker currents and smaller waves. In the sea the wave action must be taken into account. Thus, it is preferable to practice this sport first thing in the morning, when the thermal wind hasn’t picked up yet and the water is calm.

It is recommended that those interested contact one of the many specialised companies that operate in Catalonia and provide the equipment and motorboats, in addition to teaching the basics of this sport.

Having a good instructor is fundamental when one tries to get up on skis and glide over the water. One good option when beginning is to take a course at the Club Nàutic Vic-Sau (in the municipality of Vic, Barcelona), which gives introductory courses in the Sau reservoir.

Many clubs along the beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Daurada coasts also offer services to those who wish to practice this sport.


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