Escudella Escudella

Escudella i carn d'olla


Recipe name
Escudella i carn d'olla
Winter, Autumn

Escudella was formerly an everyday winter dish in Catalonia, and more elaborate versions were prepared at Christmas.

The pork bones are normally salted previously as they give a delicious taste, and can be found in numerous butchers and cured meat counters.

The escudella is eaten first, followed by the carn d’olla or pot meat.

Some people pour over a little olive oil and serve it with a salad of onion, confitted chilli pepper, cabbage in vinegar or roast red pepper.

Ingredients for 4 people

4 l water

1/2 kg veal bones (preferably knuckle or marrow bone)

1/2 hen

1 pig´s ear, 1 pigs trotter, 1 ham bone, 4 de-salted pork bones

4 lamb shanks

1 lump of fat

200 g chickpeas

4 potatoes

2 onions

1 turnip

1 leek

4 carrots

1/4 winter cabbage

250 g thin black butifarra

200 g lean minced pork

1 egg

2 garlic cloves

1 sprig of parsley

breadcrumbs from 1 baguette





Put the chickpeas to soak the previous days so they soften.

Wash the veal bones, the hen and the pork. Place the meat, chickpeas and the fat in a saucepan and heat. Fill the saucepan with cold water.

When it begins to boil, remove the foam and simmer over medium heat for a couple of hours. Meanwhile make a ball with the minced pork, the chopped garlic and parsley, the egg, the soaked breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt.

Form into large dumplings and dip in flour. When the chickpea stew has been boiling for a couple of hours, add the cleaned and cut vegetables, the black butifarra and the dumplings.

When everything is cooked, remove the meat from the pan and remove the lump of fat. Skim off any extra fat and add the pasta.

Simmer for quarter of an hour more, check seasoning and serve, first the escudella (chickpea stew) followed by the carn d'olla (pot meat) cut into chunks.