Empedrat (white bean and cod salad). Empedrat (white bean and cod salad).



Recipe name
Spring, Summer

Empedrada is made in various districts throughout the region of Girona. To de-salt the cod, first soak it in water so that the excess salt is released and it starts to rehydrate. Then change the water and leave to soak again until the cod reaches the desired degree of saltiness. The amount of water to use is generally three times the weight of the salt cod, and the soaking time varies according to each piece. People who like their cod to be salty tend to leave it to soak for a very short time, until it is just rehydrated.

Ingredients for 4 people
1/2 kg cooked ganxet beans, 1/2 kg cod, flaked and soaked, 2 Figueres onions, 2 Montserrat tomatoes, 20 black olives, 2 dl extra virgin olive oil, 50 ml white wine vinegar, salt
Drain the cod well. Pull any large pieces into chunks with your fingers. Using your hands, mix the cod with the peeled chopped onions, the tomato, the cooked beans and the black olives. Season with salt, extra virgin olive oil and a trickle of good white wine vinegar.