Destinació de Turisme Esportiu (Sports Tourism Destination)

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Destinació de Turisme Esportiu (Sports Tourism Destination)

DTE ("Destinació de Turisme Esportiu" - Sports Tourism Destination) is a specific trademark created by the Turisme de Catalunya organisation. The municipalities displaying this mark are destinations that provide high quality facilities and services for elite and professional athletes, sports lovers and tourists wanting to practise sporting activities.Sportsmen and women arriving at a Catalan DTE can enjoy a number of benefits such as the climate, specialist services, sports facilities equipped to a high standard, well-stocked sports shops and an attractive tourist provision apart from being able to obtain health care and sports medicine services.

To obtain the DTE mark, a municipality must comply with a series of strict general and specific sporting requirements. The general requirements include the availability of top quality facilities for practising a range of sports. The specific requirements depend on the actual sports for which the destinations want to acquire accreditation.

DTEs can seek approval for up to thirteen of the following sporting disciplines, and must fulfil the specific requirements applicable to each one:

Rowing and canoeing in calm waters

Whitewater canoeing




Mountain biking

Team sports (basketball, handball, volleyball, five-a-side football, badminton, etc.)

Running and triathlon

Trail running and alpine running




Dinghy sailing


GPS coordinates X: -3.70034930149912, Y: 40.4166907261765