Pork ribs with chestnuts. Pork ribs with chestnuts.

Costelló de Porc amb Castanyes


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Costelló de Porc amb Castanyes
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Costa Brava

A simple and economical dish which is served in the colder months, around All Saints’ Day, when there is an abundance of sweet chestnuts in the forests. This recipe for ribs comes from the town of Osor in the La Selva region. Some people omit the lemon rind and sugar, while others add a little red wine. If the chestnuts are old, they will require more cooking, as they will have lost moisture and need to be rehydrated.

Ingredients for 4 people
1 kg pork ribs, 2 Figueres onions, 4 ripe tomatoes, water, 1/2 kg large chestnuts, olive oil or lard, a generous trickle of mature wine, salt, black pepper, lemon rind, 2 spoonfuls sugar, a handful roasted almonds, 1 garlic clove, 4 carquinyoli biscuits

First bring the water to the boil in a pan over high heat, add the chestnuts and cook for about half an hour. Then peel, taking care not to break them, and set aside. Cut the ribs into even pieces, season and brown in an earthenware casserole. Set aside. In the same casserole, make a roux with the chopped onion and tomato, and allow to stew gently. Add the ribs, lemon rind and chestnuts. Deglaze with a little mature wine and simmer to reduce. Then add the water and simmer the casserole for about three quarters of an hour. Halfway through cooking, make a caramel with the sugar, and add it to the stew. Check the salt and add a picada made with finely chopped almonds, a clove of garlic and some carquinyoli biscuits. Leave to stand for a while and serve, although it tastes even better eaten the next day, when the flavours have intensified.