Rabbit with snails Rabbit with snails

Conill amb Cargols


Recipe name
Conill amb Cargols
Winter, Autumn

Rabbit with snails is a dish usually served on special occasions in many homes throughout Catalonia. There are also even "surf ’n’ turf" dishes in which it is combined with prawns, scampi or lobster to make it even more delicious. In this recipe the snail are not boiled but gently poached so they conserve their taste. Some people add a little aniseed liqueur in addition to the mature wine. You can also add a carquiñol biscuit and a square of chocolate to the roux.

Ingredients for 4 people

1 rabbit weighing 1.2 kg, 1 kg snails (previously purged), 1/2 kg pork ribs, 12 sausages, 1 dl mature wine, 1 dl brandy, 1 sprig of thyme, 1 sprig of marjoram, 1 bay leaf, 2 Figueres onions, 2 ripe tomatoes, 4 garlic cloves, salt, black pepper, olive oil, water, a handful of roasted almonds


Clean the snails by washing in water once or twice, stir them around well and check them one by one, removing any dead ones. Gently heat a little olive oil in a pan and add the snails. Cover and wait until they begin to come out of the shell. Then turn up the heat and leave for a few minutes. Cook a little longer so they are all out of the shell. They first release a yellowish foam, which disappears as they cook. Cut the rabbit into eight pieces and reserve the head and liver. In another pan, season and brown the pieces of rabbit, head and liver. Also brown the small pork ribs and the sausages. Set aside on a serving dish. In the same pan, gently fry some finely chopped onion and garlic, and when the onion is soft, add the grated tomato and simmer gently. Once it is well reduced and concentrated, add the herbs, the pieces of rabbit, the head, the liver and the snails. Deglaze with some mature wine and cook to reduce for a few minutes. Then cover with hot water. Simmer gently until the rabbit is tender, for about three quarters of an hour. Just before the end of cooking add a picada of finely chopped roast almonds. Stir from time to time. Check the seasoning, shake the pan to combine all the ingredients and remove from the heat. Leave to stand for a while and serve.