Cicloturismo en Torre Marimon. Cicloturismo en Torre Marimon.


Активный и спортивный туризм


Bicycle touring is an activity that is not done with haste. It combines sport with tourism and is even a philosophy of life, as it makes it possible to leisurely travel by bicycle and visit the places that one comes across along their journey. The most important thing is to enjoy the scenery and company. It is recommended for people of all ages.

Catalonia has many marked routes for bicycle touring. One of these is in the region of El Baix Empordà (Girona), where an extensive network of rural paths is preserved, far away from the main roads.

Thanks to this network, which consists of 250 well-marked kilometres, cyclers can admire the region’s landscape. The coastal areas of Vall d’Aro and the Palafrugell corridor and the train route of Sant Feliu de Guíxols are some prime examples.

One can also take advantage of the services offered by certain companies. One of these is Cicloturisme i Medi Ambient (Girona), the first to specialise in the creation of these types of routes in Catalonia, most of which can be done individually. The companies provide the documentation and equipment (including the bicycle) for the selected route, and even offer assistance from guides. They also organise guided trips for small groups and themed trips, which focus on a certain aspect of the area, such as gastronomy or archaeology.

The cooperative Biciclot (Barcelona) offers another way to enjoy this activity. In a recreational and informational manner, it fosters the use of the bicycle within a social and environmental framework. It specialises in urban routes through the Catalan capital.


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