View of Siurana and the reservoir  (Miguel Raurich)View of Siurana and the reservoir (Miguel Raurich)

Charming towns


Charming towns

Catalonia has the ability to surprise you in any corner. In doing so, the charming villages play a fundamental role - small villages of less than 2,500 inhabitants, or up to 1,500 in their historical centre, that look as though theyíre straight off a postcard. They are waiting for you throughout the Catalan geography, both on the coast and inland.

The magnetism of these towns begins with the aesthetic and architectural appeal: they have resisted contemporary urbanism, and its streets preserve a homogenous and harmonic architecture. Its old town is authentic, as it preserves the original essence with decorative elements and typically regional and local designs. As well as ensuring the architectural tradition, they preserve the natural environment that surrounds them.

They also host some Cultural Features of National Interest, as well as a good tourist infrastructure to welcome curious visitors who want to explore the Catalan charming villages. Are you one of those people? In that case you are interested in knowing that in the village itself, or very close by, less than ten kilometres away, you will find an offer of accommodation and catering, commerce, companies that organise activities, and information offices so you do not miss a single detail. Do not miss the popular festivals, weekly markets and artisan fairs that they organise.

You will fall in love with these towns for their beauty, and you will of course enjoy yourself when you lose yourself walking through their streets. Which town will you choose?