Hotel & Spa Peralada. Chica en la zona termal del spa con cava y fruta.Hotel & Spa Peralada. Chica en la zona termal del spa con cava y fruta.

Catalonia among vineyards: wine tourism experiences


Catalonia among vineyards: wine tourism experiences

When you think of wine you think, inevitably, of the sensations you get when you taste it, share it, and comment on it. It is impossible to separate wine and emotions. Why not mark this trace that a glass of wine leaves on your senses even more? How? By engaging yourself in any of the wine tourism experiences that await you in Catalonia.

Each of the 12 Catalan Denominations of Origin expresses the personality of its wines and the landscape. The wines of DO Costers del Segre are different from those of DO Pla de Bages. The proposals to discover them are just the same. The combination is logical, right? For example, in DO Empordà or in DO Alella, caressed by the Mediterranean Sea, it is usual to find wine tourism plans with maritime touches.

If you want to escape in the world of wine, you can take a bike ride among the DO Penedès vineyards, smelling the aroma of freshly harvested grapes that will bathe every corner of your nostrils. A specialised guide will reveal some of the secrets of the grape and the production process. In the DOQ Priorat vineyards, however, the terrain is steep, and the vines are grown on terraces that trace the sides of the mountains, recalling the steps of the ancient Greek theatres. With an orography like this, the hiking and horse riding routes are all the more enjoyable.

Gastronomy and wines, a gift for the senses
An essential combination in Catalonia is gastronomy and oenology. This involves trying a slow food recipe, such as Duroc pork ribs with chickpeas and black sausage, or a fish stew, of those that "extract up to the square root of the fish", as writer Josep Pla said, all bathed with a red or white wine or cava of the region, is a gift for the senses.

The Wine Tourism Awards of Catalonia
You have many more wine experiences to discover that combine wine with history, hiking, culture ... Maybe this will help you to choose some. The Government of Catalonia annually gives out the Wine Tourism Awards of Catalonia, which recognise the best wine tourism initiatives in three categories: Accommodation and catering, Wineries, and Experiences and innovation.

The awards aim to be a stimulus for companies to ensure the quality, sustainability and specialisation of their product, encouraging them to continuously improve their offerings and innovate when planning new proposals. The winning companies must have contributed, with their professional exemplariness and their cooperation, to the interests of the Catalan wine sector and to the positioning, specialisation, innovation and the improvement of the quality and the national and international competitiveness of wine tourism.

Do you know where you want to start to get know about wine-making in Catalonia?