Main square and town hall in Vic Main square and town hall in Vic

Catalan cities and villages with character


Catalan cities and villages with character

If there is one thing that characterises them, it is their personality. In Catalonia, there are many cities and towns with character. Do you know what defines them? They have their own personality, with a town of between 10,000 and 50000 inhabitants, they are very active culturally, they offer you loads of proposals, and they each stand out for some special feature.

Cities that breath history
øDo you like to remember historical facts? These cities are a great bank of memories where you can take a trip to the past. History and culture are two of the features that define their personality. They boast a significant number of Cultural Assets of National Interest, as well as relevant traditions and festivals that fly the flag for their historical and cultural character. They organise activities for everyone, and make an effort to raise awareness of themselves, as well as flying the flag for the most beautiful corners of the municipality. Some of them combine a marked historical footprint with two more ingredients: quality Catalan cuisine and a strong wine-growing tradition.

A good dish on the table
If you are one of those people who are moved by the taste of good food or the taste of a good wine, you must not miss the opportunity to visit to the places where the raison d'Ítre is to produce food and wine. The offer of accommodation and catering is dynamic, and, above all, it opens the doors to traditional Catalan cuisine by putting on the table typical dishes produced with local products and products from the land. All washed down with wines made in the denominations of origin of the region.

Very creative
They have a restless creative spirit. They are welcoming, inspiring cities that love and encourage artistic creation and strive to make the most creative people feel at home. In addition to their creative personality, they are cities committed to respecting the environment, and they have put in place policies designed to promote recycling and the responsible use of natural resources.

Come and visit; their character will impress you.