Roasted capon with garlic. Roasted capon with garlic.

Capó Rostit amb Alls


Recipe name
Capó Rostit amb Alls
Winter, Autumn

Capon is a castrated chicken, about six months old. Like most poultry, it is fed on corn, legumes and what it scratches from the ground. The El Prat and Berguedà regions are important producers of capon, which, when stuffed and roasted in the oven, is one of the highlights of the Christmas table.

Ingredients for 4 people
1 capon weighing 2 kg, 4 bulbs of garlic, 8 shallots, 1 sprig of thyme, 2 dl dry white wine, 1 generous trickle of olive oil, salt, black pepper

Clean and pluck the capon, making sure to remove every feather and quill. Cut into eights, season and trickle over some oil. Place in a casserole and brown. Once golden brown, add the garlic bulbs, whole, the peeled shallots, the sprig of thyme and the white wine. Cover and simmer gently until the capon is tender. If it dries out, add a little hot water. Adjust seasoning and serve.