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Capipota (a dish made with veal head and hocks) is a very popular dish in the guesthouses and popular eateries in the regions around Barcelona. It is currently made in restaurants all over Catalonia, with some variations. Some people add butifarra sausage or traditional Catalan minced meat, or else they may replace the oil with pork lard, use a little mature wine, prepare the fried vegetable mixture without aubergines, etc.

Ingredients for 4 people
1/2 kg veal shank (cooked)
1/2 kg veal head (cooked)
2 red and 3 green peppers
chilli pepper
1/2 kg ripe tomatoes
2 aubergines
2 onions
50 g flour
1 dl dry sherry
1 dl water
3 garlic cloves

Sauté the finely diced onions in a pan with some olive oil. When they begin to brown, add the diced red peppers and allow to fry gently for a while, then add the diced green peppers and a piece of the veal. Cook for about five minutes over low heat.

Then add the peeled diced aubergines. Stir carefully, add the sherry and leave until well concentrated.

Add the peeled grated tomatoes and allow to reduce a little, then sprinkle with the flour, and brown. When the mixture begins to turn golden, pour in a decilitre of warm water. Simmer gently for about a quarter of an hour.

Add the cooked capipota (veal leg and head) cut into even chunks and allow to simmer for half an hour. Adjust the seasoning. Serve in the casserole, piping hot.