Canoeing Canoeing


Активный и спортивный туризм


With a canoe, a small, open boat used by the primitive people of Canada, one can enjoy the tranquillity of a reservoir or the fury of a white water river.

Shorter than a kayak, it has no keel or rudder and is propelled by a single-blade paddle. Paddlers kneel either on one knee (in calm waters) or on both (in white waters). Canoes can carry one, two or four people. Depending on the number of crew, canoes are classified as C1, C2 (these can travel in white waters) or C4.

The use of the paddle differentiates it from row boats, since paddlers in a canoe are always looking in the direction they want to travel, which is contrary to the other cases.

The company Yeti Emotions (in the municipality Llavorsí, Lleida) organises activities in calm waters. These are suitable for people of all ages and an ideal way to get introduced to water sports. The canoeing activities are held in the La Torrassa reservoir, in the municipality of Gingueta d’Àneu. In just one hour, anyone can become familiar with the technique and manner in which these boats are handled.

Another option is to go to the Olympic canal of Castelldefels (Barcelona), where group courses are offered. Canadian canoeing classes for two people also last one hour.


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