Bus-bob. Bus-bob.


Активный и спортивный туризм


A bus-bob is a large elongated float that is used for rafting. Thanks to the bounces and jumps, and the way the float is controlled, strong sensations and fun are guaranteed.

This refreshing style of rafting consists of going down the fast course of a river on an elongated pneumatic float with capacity for four or five people. Unlike rafting, the crew sits in single file and does not hold onto anything.

The only way to keep from falling in the water is to stay balanced and row in a coordinated fashion, following the guide’s instructions. Only the two small floats attached along the sides of large float support the feet.

The season begins in spring and ends in summer. The best time to practice this sport is during the thaw (between May and June), when the river is at its highest volume. The Noguera Pallaresa in Lleida is the river with the best conditions. It has the ideal volume, drops and varying levels of difficulty.

In Catalonia, there are companies that provide guides, equipment and all the necessary information. Rafting Llavorsí organises bus-bob rides in this river along the stretch between Llavorsí and Gulleri.


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