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Струевой душ

The pressure shower consists of the projection of water onto the body at a pressure of three or more atmospheres, using a mechanism with a spout with many holes. The impact of the water on the skin produces a massage effect. The water can be hot, warm or cold, with different results on the body, according to each. It can also be tap or thermal water, which results in an additional benefit for the patient, thanks to the absorption by the skin of the minerals it contains. The shower can thus join together therapeutic, mechanical, thermal and chemical effects.

This type of shower activates circulation of the blood and tones the muscles. It is suitable for muscular contractions, cellulite, rheumatism, circulation problems and osteoarthritis. It also acts on the nerves leading to a general state of sedation.

Another way of applying water under pressure is by using jets, which unlike showers, emerge from a single opening and can be aimed at a specific point on the body. One way of applying jets is called, contradictorily, the Scottish shower.

In this technique, the water is projected horizontally, from a distance of some three metres, using one or two hoses. It begins with the application of water at 38-40 degrees for one to three minutes and is followed by cold water, between 20 or 25 degrees, for fifteen to sixty seconds. This cycle is repeated several times, without exceeding quarter of an hour or twenty minutes in total. The last application must be cold water and the proportion should always be three to one between the hot and the cold. At the end of the treatment, the patient must dry off, wrap up warm and rest for a period of half an hour to an hour.

All these guideline can also be applied to the normal pressure shower. The alternation of temperatures causes vasodilation followed by vasoconstriction, which provides beneficial vascular gymnastics that tone the skin.


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