Струевой душ Кнайппа

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Струевой душ Кнайппа

The Bavarian chaplain, Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), one of the promoters of naturism, developed a complete system of treatments that included hydrotherapy, nutrition, fitotherapy or the use of medicinal herbs, exercise, relaxation and, even, spirituality. Solely with regard to water, he described more than 120 possible forms of application.

In general, he recommended the use of cold water, although he also allowed hot baths for certain illnesses. Despite this, a very specific technique is often known as a Kneipp shower or jet: projecting a jet of water under pressure using a hose.

This technique is very similar to the Scottish shower, but the Kneipp technique focuses more on the massage effect on specific points of the body. Warm water is usually used, whilst the Scottish shower is characterised by alternating hot and cold water.


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