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Q for Quality Tourism

The Q de Calidad Turística Española (Spanish Tourism Quality) is a distinction awarded to establishments that fulfil the requirements set by the Sistema de Calidad Turística Española (SCTE, the Spanish tourist quality system).

This quality standard has three main basic objectives: - Achieving customers´ complete satisfaction.

- Ensuring the services actually provided meet expectations. - Maximising the resources available in order to obtain greater benefits, both for the customer and for the business owner. The SCTE was set up in the late nineties to respond to the will of Spanish tourism companies to apply quality technology and methods across the sector. The system methodology is property of the Spanish Tourism General Secretariat. There are currently 304 tourism establishments registered with the Spanish Q for Quality Tourism in Catalonia: 224 travel agencies, 50 hotels and apartments, 7 beaches, 6 camp sites, 5 restaurant services, 4 protected natural areas, 4 ski resorts, 2 rural houses and 2 tourist information offices.


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