Питьевое лечение минеральными водами

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Питьевое лечение минеральными водами

Hydropinotherapy consists of the consumption of mineral-medicinal water for therapeutic purposes. The doctor should establish what type of water and how much the patient needs, at what temperature, frequency and speed it should be taken, and how long the treatment should last.

As the water from each spring has a different composition, it is recommended that the person finds out beforehand the thermal spa that has the water that best adjusts to their needs.

In the past, going to a thermal spa was essential for taking thermal water. Since the advent of bottled medicinal mineral water, it is possible to drink all kinds of water without having to travel.

Hydrotherapy, or the topical application of water to the skin and mucous membranes, and hydropinotherapy are the two major branches of crenotherapy, a therapeutic method that uses water in medicinal applications.


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