Sweet butifarra (Catalan sausage) with apple. Sweet butifarra (Catalan sausage) with apple.

Botifarra Dolça amb Poma


Recipe name
Botifarra Dolça amb Poma

Sweet butifarra is a typical preparation from Girona. It can be simply fried, roast in the oven or char-grilled, or more traditionally stewed with apple. There is a similar dish in the Empordà region: stuffed apple. This is an apple filled with minced meat and then baked and eaten as a dessert.

Ingredients for 4 people
4 sweet butifarra sausages, 3 pippin apples, olive oil and pork lard, 1 lemon rind, 1 stick of cinnamon, water, 1 dl garnacha or muscatel wine

Prick the butifarras to prevent them from bursting during cooking. Brown them gently in an earthenware casserole in a mixture of lard and olive oil. Turn them over and add the water, lemon peel, cinnamon stick and the muscatel wine. They should be well covered. Simmer them gently so the sauce caramelises. Halfway through cooking, add the peeled apples cut into eight pieces, and cook together with the butifarras so the flavours blend together. Serve the butifarras hot, accompanied by a slice of peasant bread, just before dessert.