Boat by the Roca Foradada in L'Estartit Boat by the Roca Foradada in L'Estartit

Boat trips


Boat trips

Travelling by sea, where your only concern is to enjoy the scenery. Boat trips make it possible to sail through the waters of the long and varied Catalan coast.
Many companies hire out boats or provide organised routes. Some have all types of boats for sailing alone or with the services of a skipper. In any case, those who so desire can go to the coves or enter the ports in order to visit the coastal towns. Others offer trips onboard tourist boats, some of which have rooms with glass bottoms, which act as windows to the underwater world. Other boats serve a good seafood lunch onboard.
One of the most spectacular areas, where most of the companies that run boat trips are located, is the Illes Medes marine reserve on the Costa Brava coast. The Estació Nàutica de L’Estartit – Illes Medes offers sea trips. One can choose a one-hour trip, travelling around the Illes Medes in a boat with a glass bottom, discovering the depths of this area, or an all-morning trip at the port of Palamós. Most of the trips can be enjoyed all year-round, while others are only offered during high season. There are boats that can hold thirty to two-hundred people with open-air roofs, sails, etc.