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Treatment with thermal waters is known as Crenotherapy. Krenos means "spring" in Greek. The forms of applying the water can be extremely diverse. In fact, some techniques are practised for a time and then fall into disuse, while others regularly emerge to take their place.

These are some of the main ones:

- Internal administration

- Gargling

- Nasal aspiration and douching

- Inhalations

- Baths

- Underwater shower

- Showers

- Mud baths

- Steam baths

- Irrigations

The suitability of a particular technique for a certain treatment does not only depend on the chemical composition of the water. For this reason, it is also important to take into account the pH, temperature, method of application (bath, pressure shower, etc.), the elements that are added to it (muds, grapes, cacao, mineral salts, etc.) and even the context.

People go to spa resorts mainly to take the water, this is known as crenotherapy. However, wherever possible, these establishments complement their treatments with other elements, such as a natural environment, climate, suitable diet, relaxation, certain routines, etc. All of which, together comprise balneotherapy.

In terms of its temperature, water is classified as follows:

- Cold: less than 28 degrees Centigrade

- Hypothermal: between 28 and 34 degrees

- Mesothermal: between 34 and 38 degrees

- Hyperthermal: over 38 degrees


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