Эстетические и косметические процедуры

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Эстетические и косметические процедуры

The concepts of health and beauty are closely connected. There are spas that include treatments such as massage, exfoliations, wraps and masks with different substances in the health section, whilst others consider them to be part of the aesthetic services.

Thus, those aimed at visibly improving the condition of the skin, such as cleaning of impurities, eliminating shine on the skin, hydrating, softening, eliminating wrinkles, nourishing, firming… can be considered aesthetic treatments.

There has been a huge increase over the last few years in the number of new substances for carrying out these treatments. The main ones are cacao and chocolate, grapes and wine, golden algae (which leaves the skin shining), green tea and olive oil. Applications of coffee, honey, rice, soy, wheat grains, papaya sorbet and all types of plant derivatives can also be found.

In general, people don’t only go to spas in search of a cure for an ailment, but also for psycho-physical balance, rest, change of routine and in short, quality of life and well-being. It is therefore not surprising that many spas, in addition to their therapeutic services, also offer others such as:

-Manicure and nail extensions


-UVA tanning

-Hair removal

-Hairdressing, perms and colouring

-Make-up and micropigmentation (permanent make-up)


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